Dynamic AI

Dynamic AITo make qualified management decisions you need reliable, up-to-date business intelligence extracted from your key data.

Your company’s IT systems store large amounts of data in a variety of sources: application databases, data warehouses, CRM systems and more.  This data is an invaluable asset and effective data management via a single, on-demand resource enables the effective collation and presentation of data displayed as precise, timely business information.

With Dynamic AI, your web browser becomes the window on your world of information.  View summaries, dashboards, alerts, reports, drill-downs, forms, pivot tables, lists, interactive queries and more, instantly.

Presentation and flexibility matters
Regardless of the source of the data, business information is most effective when presented in a dynamic, easy-to-use environment.  Benefit from an overview of your essential data, see bigger picture, providing more details as and when required in order to making informed management decisions.

Dynamic’s Activated Information or “AI” is *Business Intelligence at its best
Access, select and combine data across system boundaries. Intuitively you will see where to click to drill down from the consolidated summaries to details you want to know or explore. Make better decisions, act with confidence and speed.

Dynamic AI From summaries, dashboards and alerts in the executive suite to inventories and shipping schedules on the production floor, Dynamic AI meets the challenge of securely delivering the right up-to-date business information at the right time to the right users throughout an organisation.

IT departments love Dynamic AI’s standards based central server and it’s easy to deploy and maintain web based interface. Financial sector strength security and the possibility to refine tactical reports to fully professional, enterprise level applications places Dynamic AI in a class of its own.

Dynamic AI’s history, evolution and usage potential

Dynamic AI TV  has a series of video sequences illustrating everything from installation to drag-drop design features.

*The term Business Intelligence (BI), encompasses some major contributions to business management that have been enabled by the Internet and by the free-form nature of the Web browser.  Benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to your business data via the Internet
  • Turning data into information
  • Reduced fixed format paper reporting
  • At a glance presentation via graphs – key data presented via intuitive Dashboard displays
  • Instant key data alerts plus interception of problems before they escalate

Find out how Dynamic AI can transform your data into valuable business intelligence – contact Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 to discuss your requirements.  Access the Dynamic AI website for further details.