Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses some major contributions to business management that have been enabled by the Internet and by the free-form nature of the Web browser.

Business Intelligence is a combination of:

  • 24/7 access to your business data via the Internet
  • Turning data into information
  • Freedom from the fixed format handed down from paper reporting
  • Focussing on the important numbers, the critical details, the things that matter
  • At a glance presentation via graphs, presenting key data via easy to understand Dashboard displays.
  • Automatic alerting to key data – good, or bad, allowing reinforcement of success, and interception of problems before they build up

Business Intelligence used to be the domain of the very large business, with six figure budgets for deployment, and off-line data warehouses needing much expensive setting up. Our Dynamic AI business intelligence solution is both agile enough to handle high volumes of live data, and cost effective at the small to medium business level. But do note that it is used in some very large businesses, including the NHS, and in banking sector, for which it was first developed.

Business Intelligence for intelligent reporting
Business Intelligence (BI) is an essential management tool that can change the way you manage your business, by gathering key data into easily understood and acted upon information displays. This key information enables you to direct your efforts to what matters, and what needs attention, well before these become critical.

Other benefits include:

  • Accuracy and reliability of budgeting and forecasting processes through the integration of your latest key information with standard spreadsheet technologies
  • Multi-layered banking standard security ensures that only those entitled to access data, or design reports are allowed to do so
  • Interactive analysis via simple to understand drill down capabilities
  • Cost effective, flexible and easily scalable deployment
    • Low cost named user licensing designed to meet small business needs
  • Self-service reporting and analysis at everyone’s fingertips “any time, any place”

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