DataflexAre you an application developer working in windows/web? Do you need a tool that provides high level development support? Would you like the same code driving both Web and Windows applications?

DataFlex is an advanced software tool designed for developing database application software.  It is used globally for building Windows and Web Applications and Web Services provides:

  • Application framework for fast, simple, visual development class libraries and rich set of pre-programmed, data-aware controls and components
  • Integrated source-level debugging for tracking and fixing problems quickly and easily
  • Fully integrated custom class libraries and application code generation
  • Component Explorer enables loading of multiple components and source-code files on separate tabs
  • Start Centre with dynamic functionality, valuable developer information and assistance
  • Studio provides high-level control with fast and easy access to the visual and database properties of each control, Studio’s Code Explorer includes the additional power of DataFlex’s object-oriented 4GL
  • Efficient user management access, control and scalability with multiple platform deployment supported on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp
  • Attractive state-of-the-art application development with Codejock controls and skinning framework for modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs), menus, toolbars and more
  • Increased return on investment using a tiered development system that is designed to accommodate the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server business solution architecture

Web Application Server


Web-enabled systems with Web Application Server – DataFlex Windows and Web applications share a common technical and operating foundation.  Reuse large portions of Windows applications to create new, browser based solutions in minimum time.

Secure, high-performance Web Application Server seamlessly integrates with the Windows application environment.  Develop rich Internet Applications with the AJAX Library for DataFlex.

Windows-enabled Web applications –Internet applications with browser, PDA or mobile phone interfaces often need companion Windows applications to complete a business solution. DataFlex’s cross platform application components enables the rapid construction of Windows interfaces on web, e-commerce and intranet solutions deployed with Web Application Server.

Build web services and service oriented architectures –Web services are driving many organisations application strategies today. DataFlex makes building, publishing and consuming web services fast and easy.  The newly launched DataFlex web framework further revolutionizes web application development with the introduction of the DataFlex Web Framework.  This new framework enables web application build to be carried out on one single DataFlex development platform with the user interface modelled with familiar DataFlex objects.

Extend Windows desktop applications to the Internet – DataFlex provides robust support for XML through a class interface based on the industry standard XML Document Object Model (DOM).  XML documents can be delivered to Internet URLs using DataFlex’s FTP and HTTP classes. The cMapiHandler class provides extensive MAPI support to read and write email.

Multi-user database operations are automatic – the applications you create in DataFlex manage multi-user concurrency without the need for any special coding. Plus, if you elect to use one of the many client/server options available for DataFlex applications, your unchanged applications will trigger the transaction capabilities of the host environment.

Data aware controls without the need for custom code – writing code just to establish the links between a control and your data is a thing of the past.  DataFlex delivers easy-to-use, database independent, data-aware controls to jumpstart development and deliver working business solutions fast.

Easily integration of COM automation and Active-X controls – using pre-built components enhances productivity and accelerates solution building.  DataFlex enables you to easily integrate the vast array of COM servers and ActiveX controls into your DataFlex solutions.

Data integrity with DataFlex – a solution’s business rules and data validations are encapsulated in middle-tier Data Dictionary Objects that are automatically bound to the application interface whether it runs on the Windows desktop, in a web browser or as a web service. Dictionary modelling is accomplished with the Data Dictionary designer allowing you to visually maintain your rules and validations without the need to work directly with source code.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and improve the consistency of your applications – every component of your application, from the database and business rules, to forms and reports are reusable and extendable. DataFlex’s enhanced support for sub-classing and external classes provides the simplicity of drag and drop development for all custom controls.

DataFlex enables the fast deployment of multiple solutions through well-controlled and structured development processes.  Business solutions powered by DataFlex will continue to evolve with open connectivity to database management systems, efficient life-cycle maintenance, and future access to changing application client and server environments.

DataFlex is created by Data Access Worldwide and supported by UK Channel Partners Asckey Data Services Ltd.  Asckey’s fmfirst® CAFM software product suite is developed using DataFlex. Asckey provide support to the UK Dataflex Developer Community, including training and advice, consultancy and license sales.


Access the Asckey DataFlex website for further details or contact us on 0845 270 7747 to find out more.