NHS Digital web portal

Since 2002 Asckey have been working with the HSCIC (Health & Social Care Information Centre), now known as NHS Digital on the development, maintenance and hosting of the Information Centre’s efm-portal.

The efm-Information portal was the first Department of Health web-enabled data collection system for the NHS via a self-assessment process. This extensive data warehouse contains data relating to a number of mandatory yearly returns to be completed by NHS trusts, ranging from estates information returns, defects, PFI, cleanliness, food and privacy & dignity issues.

ERIC (Estates Return Information Collection) which relates to the condition of Hospital Trust buildings. ERIC data is used nationally by organisations such as the Healthcare Commission who use the information generated to support policy development and strategic investment planning for the NHS estate. Other modules include fire incident, surplus land and emergency preparedness. The efm-portal has been consistently developed and maintained by Asckey (using DataFlex from Data Access Worldwide) to provide the NHS with an accurate data collection and analysis tool.

PEAT was replaced in 2013 with the most recent addition to the efm portal – PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment). PLACE focuses on the environment in which care is provided with particular emphasis on cleanliness, general condition, appearance and maintenance, privacy and dignity and the provision of food and drink. PLACE Lite was introduced early 2014 to enable trusts to actively measure the effectiveness of action plans and remedial actions and compare against the main PLACE collection results. By focusing on areas of concern, trusts can use frequent PLACE Lite assessments all year round to measure improvements and focus resources as well as demonstrate standards compliance.

fmfirst® PLACE Mobile and fmfirst® PLACE Lite Mobile have been developed independently by Asckey to streamline the data collection process, reduce paperwork and data input time by providing a direct data upload to the efm-portal.

The data collected is used by the Department of Health in a number of ways including providing answers to Parliamentary questions. Due to the sensitive nature of the information being processed, the collection is hosted directly with Asckey via the NHS’s own secure N3 network.

Visit the fmfirst website for fmfirst PLACE mobile details or call 0845 270 7747 to find out more.