CAFM software benefits

fmfirstThe face of facilities management has changed rapidly over just a short number of years and continues to evolve. Replacing manual spreadsheets and paper records, today’s facilities management software systems contain a wealth of functionality that can help organisations run more efficiently.

The best Computer-aided Facilities Management (CAFM) tools available today are fully flexible, adaptable to new working practices, infrastructure changes and budgetary restrictions.

CAFM software supports:

  • Significant efficiency savings – clear visibility of estates and facilities data from a centralised CAFM software system means easier, informed, proactive management decision making in relation to eg. staffing, resourcing and stock control
  • Fast, accurate reporting – centralised integrated data enables cross-function reporting for greater accuracy, live updates and access to reliable, real-time, accurate data means fewer costly mistakes and increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity – meaningful status reports can be accessed quickly and in real-time
  • Readily available, centralised facilities data means that users are kept up-to-date for improved efficiency  with automated task scheduling for vital business continuity
  • Improved customer service – implementation of targeted CAFM software can help you to provide improved services to your trades staff and ultimately, to the end user
  • Waste reduction – asset management and stock control modules help monitor equipment and stock usage and location
  • Web based functionality – instant support access and version control
  • Mobile functionality – site wide control and monitoring

The fmfirst® product suite supports all your CAFM software needs, call Asckey today on 0845 270 7747 to find out about our free on-site system reviews.

Visit the fmfirst website for details.