Remote Application Hosting

Your applications are safe in our hands

Asckey hosted systems are given immediate priority and our hosting support team work with you directly to ensure essential service continuity.

Application hosting

Why choose Asckey to host your fmfirst® system off-site?

Asckey would be the single-source for both your application and its hosting,
meaning you will have all the support you need in one place.

Independently audited ISO 27001:2013 processes and accreditation delivers optimal levels of data security.

Our dedicated and product-aware support staff maximise system availability.

To discuss your fmfirst® application hosting requirements, call us on 0845 270 7747
or fill in our
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You can also download the fmfirst® remote application hosting datasheet for additional information.

Application Hosting is a speciality of ours

Off-site hosting means:

  • Vastly improved connection: both the physical connection and the IP connection are secure to NHS Digital specifications.
  • System delays and associated costs are eliminated with our direct, on-line fmfirst® N3 / HSCN connection and system support
  • Peace of mind for you: our processes for maintaining connection, data back-up and NHS net site interactions have been approved by NHS Digital
  • Your application will be hosted in an environment of the highest standard: our internal management processes controlling access to our servers have been audited to NHS Digital specifications
  • Reduced costs associated with on-site support.