Remote Application Hosting

The expansion of NHS trusts and associated IT architecture over recent years has seen trusts move away from local area networks and locally installed applications to remote application hosting.

What are the benefits of hosting your fmfirst® system off-site?

An immediate advantage of remote hosting via Internet protocols/application servers is your application can be located literally anywhere!  Direct system access via Asckey’s dedicated NHS N3* hosting network vastly reduces your internal support and maintenance requirements from your local IT teams.  Asckey hosted systems are given immediate priority and our hosting support team work with you directly to ensure essential service continuity.

Benefit from:

  • reduced reliance on internal IT teams in relation to system support, upgrades and maintenance
  • dedicated support from in-house specialists providing prompt, reliable, front-line support – an invaluable addition to your facilities management operations
  • secure off-site storage and fast retrieval of critical data
  • instant system installation, upgrades and user management
  • service reliability and data security with daily data back-ups and regular systems maintenance
  • assured performance with regular database maintenance and data cleansing
  • licence control – we maintain your current licensing requirements

What does this mean for you?

  • both the physical connection and the IP connection are secure to NHS Health and NHS Digital specifications
  • our internal management processes controlling access to our servers have been audited to NHS Digital specifications
  • our processes for maintaining connection, data backup and NHS net site interactions  been approved by NHS Digital
  • delays and associated costs eliminated with our direct, on-line fmfirst® connection and support, no need for a physical on-site support presence

*NHS N3 hosting connection
Asckey is an authorised third party connector for N3.  Each NHS site that we connect to has been individually approved by the NHS Digital.  Sites are allocated their own specific addition to the routing tables within the N3 dedicated router at our site.

Find out how your trust can benefit from remote application hosting, access the fmfirst® remote application hosting data sheet or contact us on 0845 270 7747 today.