SFG20 CAFM Software Integration

The definitive standard for planned maintenance.

Help keep your facilities up to date and reduce long-term costs with the SFG20 planned maintenance schedule.

Asckey have signed an agreement with BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) to become their first Approved Provider of SFG20; this means we are now able to supply our fmfirst® estates and facilities
software solution ready-programmed with the core SFG20 schedules and relevant HTM schedules; these will be automatically updated each time a revised SFG20 update is released.


Why Choose our SFG20/fmfirst® Integrated CAFM Software?

Generate savings of up to 25% of annual maintenance costs.

Full SFG20 Integration delivers maximum compliance potential for your services.

fmfirst® has a proven system take-on, making the transition from your current system
as swift and straightforward as possible.

Our ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations ensure optimal levels of system quality,
data security and compliance management.

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Alternatively, you can view our SFG20 Datasheet.pdf (87 downloads) or see the SFG20 Case Studies
for further details.

What is SFG20?