IGSoC Success

IGSoC Success

Well done Bernard – 100%!

Each year, all relevant staff at Asckey undertake annual IGSoC training in order to ensure the team remain current and up-to-date with changes to legislation, good practice, new technologies and other factors which may affect IG capabilities in relation to patient data security.

Modules include: Patient Confidentiality, Records Management, Business Continuity and Information Security.  Organisations must submit evidence of IG Toolkit compliance via yearly self-assessment in-line with Department of Health/NHS Connecting for Health requirements.

What is the IG Toolkit?

The Information Governance Toolkit is a Department of Health (DH) Policy delivery vehicle that the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is commissioned to develop and maintain. It draws together the legal rules and central guidance set out by DH policy and presents them in in a single standard as a set of information governance requirements.

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