PLACE data collection software

fmfirst survey PLACE editionfmfirst® survey has been developed by Asckey Data Services Ltd to support trusts and patient assessors by simplifying the new Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) data collection process. Replacing the former Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) inspections as the new system for assessing the quality of the patient environment, PLACE collections are up to ten times the size of PEAT.

New! fmfirst® PLACE Lite mobile has been developed independently by Asckey to enable trusts to undertake regular, focused assessments throughout the year, as often as required. Choose where, when and what to inspect – actively measure the effectiveness of action plans and remedial actions and compare against your previous PLACE collection results. By focusing on areas of concern, trusts can use frequent PLACE lite assessments all year round to measure improvements and focus resources as well as demonstrate standards compliance.

This increased data collection however imposes an increase in workload and this has been the chief consideration in the development of a new PLACE mobile data collection software programme.

fmfirst® survey functionality has been designed to reduce data collection times and unnecessary paperwork.  A number of responses can be answered using a range of drop down menus which can be used to auto fill response criteria.  Using auto fill greatly improves data collection efficiency and accuracy and standardised responses also allow for easier cross-referencing for data consistency and improved reporting accuracy.

All assessments can be recorded directly at the assessment site, providing a one point data entry process that reduces data input error and duplication. The emphasis is on fast and efficient data collection without compromising on accuracy.  Eliminating paperwork, mobile data collections enhance security with all data being accessed and stored centrally.  fmfirst® survey is compatible  with all mobile and tablet device formats.

PLACE assessments will consider areas such as cleanliness; safety and privacy; dignity and well-being; food and general building maintenance.  fmfirst® survey mirrors the main assessment criteria to enable clear reporting of assessment outcomes.

Find out how fmfirst® PLACE mobile can improve your PLACE collections efficiency.  Contact Asckey on 0845 270 7747 today to discuss your requirements and to request your free trial.